GRIT and Nutrition

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This week we are fortunate to have Dr. Paul G. Stoltz , founder of PEAK Learning, give us insight on how we can use GRIT to reach

Grocery Shopping Strategies

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Trying to eat better and lose weight? A great place to start is your local grocery store.  What you buy and how you shop are the first

Creating YOUR Healthy Kitchen

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When most of us start on a new diet program or make nutritional changes, we often rely on our willpower.  Unfortunately, willpower is a finite resource which

Macro Tracking Tips and Tricks

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Just started tracking macros?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Here are a few macro tracking tips and tricks. Tracking Training vs Non Training Day Macros A common mistake is to

Skinny Jambalaya

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I grew up in Louisiana and LOVE Cajun food.  I am always searching for ways to tweak our family recipes to make them fit my macros.  Last

Grit, Tears, Growth: Lessons Learned from the 2017 CrossFit Open

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The CrossFit Open ended a few weeks ago and it was a roller coaster ride. I’ve had some time to reflect, refresh and refocus the past two

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