I started macro counting with FitFlex Nutrition about 6 months before my wedding which was in June of 2017. I wanted to lean out, gain muscle and overall gain more confidence in my body. I have been going to bootcamp and CrossFit for over 4 years and I have always been very active. I always thought I looked okay but never felt like I was getting the results I wanted even though I worked out  5-6 times a week and had a pretty healthy diet. I quickly learned I was not eating enough. I decided to take the plunge to do macro counting and honestly it has completely changed my life and body in such positive ways. I was able to see results so quickly and finally started seeing some great definition. I was also able to achieve a healthy weight and feel way more confident in my own skin. It has taught me what and how much to eat. The best part is that you can still live your life. If you stay focused and plan out your meals, you can achieve your goals.

I owe this program and Coach Steph so much! If it wasn’t for her and all of her knowledge, I would have never reached my goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to transform their body and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


I started the flexible dieting lifestyle 5 months after I had my baby girl. To say I was anxious would be an understatement, but I was unhappy with my body as the changes that occur during pregnancy can take a toll on you. I gained almost 40 pounds during my pregnancy and was completely shocked at the number on the scale towards the end. All I knew was that I was determined to get my body back and would do anything! You would not be alone if you are thinking that this lifestyle would be “too hard”, “too expensive” or maybe you will say “I don’t have enough time”, but I will tell you that ANYONE can choose this lifestyle and make it work according to their life and what they have going on. Oh yeah… did I also mention I started my journey studying to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist? Talk about busy! But with Coach Stephanie’s support and encouragement, she made a plan and off I went!

Within a month I started seeing changes on the scale and also in the mirror. I also must add that I never sacrificed any of my favorite foods (French fries and pizza) but instead made proper substitutions. With this plan, Coach Stephanie provided me with food items and ideas that I could incorporate so that I could still enjoy the foods I love while still hitting my macros every day.

Not only has my sleep, mood, and hangriness (yes, I said Hangriness: def: When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both) improved, but my energy and strength at the gym is noticeably better!   I am completing workouts I never thought I could. This year I did Murph (a well known Crossfit Hero Workout) which would have never been possible 6 months ago. I am eating foods that keep me fuller longer while still satisfy my taste buds.  Every week I get stronger and faster because I am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs! This program is customized to my needs and every week I receive one on one support and advice from Coach Stephanie.

Since I started FitFlex, I have lost all my baby weight (all 40 pounds of it) and an additional 15 pounds! On top of all that, I have lost 7.5 inches. This lifestyle is not about starving yourself or missing out on the foods you love, but rather finding success by improving habits and finding the proper balance of what you are eating every day.

I have not only found support from Coach Stephanie but also from the FitFlex community. This program has brought me knowledge, friendship, and a lifestyle that I would not trade for anything.


When I first started working with FitFlex Nutrition and Coach Steph, I had been roughly following a Paleo type diet for several years.  I wasn’t pleased with my body fat composition and it wasn’t improving.  So while I was a Paleo enthusiast, I decided to give Fitflex a try and see what it was about.  

The system FitFlex provides me is comprehensive and I have have concluded it is effective for me.  The FitFlex program included a customized and personal plan, one on one coaching, tracking tools and community support. All of this combined provided me a system I could succeed within.  I began to notice physical changes after a few weeks and I was surprised at how quickly I became accustomed to the flexible eating lifestyle.  I enjoy CrossFit and my endurance and strength has improved. I’ve set many new personal lifetime records on benchmark WODs and lifts.  Being 46 years old, these are big deals in my mind.


When I was younger I was involved in sports and did a little weightlifting here and there. I had always been the girl who could eat whatever she wanted and not gain weight. Once I went to college I completely stopped doing any sort of physical activity. At that point, I still had not really gained any weight, but I had lost basically all of the muscle I had. I was very unhappy with the way my body looked and my lack of energy. During my last semester of college I decided I needed a change, so I started CrossFit in May of 2013 and haven’t looked back since.  Even then, I still ate whatever I wanted thinking I was working out so I would work it off. I did see significant changes in my body, but not where I wanted. I would periodically start to eat healthy and this would last a couple weeks at a time, but I’ll be honest I had no idea what I was doing or how to fuel my body for the intense workouts I was doing.

In September of 2016 I heard some people at my gym talking about having their Macros calculated. I knew I needed to do something as I not only wanted to see changes in my body, but in my overall performance as well. I contacted FitFlex Nutrition and got started the next week. At this point I had heard of macro counting and knew what it was all about. I had even tried it on my own a couple times, but again that would only last for a couple weeks at a time and I had no idea if my macro calculations were correct so I would just give up. I’ll admit I was skeptical of this eat whatever you want as long as it “fits your macros” concept. Here I am now 15 weeks into my coaching with FitFlex Nutrition and I am pretty amazed at what I have achieved so far. The progress starts out slow, but if you stick with it I promise the changes will come. In the last 15 weeks not only have I lost pounds and inches, but my workouts have improved tremendously and most importantly, my strength has not been sacrificed at all. Fueling your body with the correct nutrients is SO important and I truly believe that now after seeing my own progress. Coach Steph has been super supportive throughout this whole process as it can be a bit stressful. Every day isn’t perfect, but she is always willing to give advice or answer any questions I have along the way.  Eating in moderation is the key to this process and I would say that the biggest thing that I have learned so far is self-control. I wish that I had believed in the importance of nutrition so long ago, but I am glad that I found FitFlex Nutrition when I did and I am so excited to continue my journey as a lifestyle change and not just a diet.


A few years ago I began Crossfit as an attempt to be both strong and defined. On my quest to look and perform my best, I spent increasing amounts of time in the gym. My strength and fitness did improve dramatically the more time I worked on Crossfit, but my body seemed to stall out. I had actually resolved myself to the fact that I looked as good as I was going to and then I heard about FitFlex Nutrition. Coach Steph worked with me to develop a custom plan for my specific goals. In 6 weeks, my stalled out body found new life and I’m finally realizing the results that I have sought for so long.

In a month and a half on this program, I’ve dropped noticeable body fat, gained muscle, and continued to improve my performance in the CrossFit box.


I started macro counting with Coach Steph at Fitflex Nutrition 3 months ago to lose a few pounds, lean out, and get back to better eating habits.  At first I was frustrated because I typically don’t put much time into planning meals or grocery shopping, and on top of that, I live a very social life (as in, I go out a lot!).  Steph was great at giving me tools to overcome all of my obstacles.  The frustrations proved to be great learning experiences.  Once I settled in to the program, it wasn’t hard at all and I almost never felt hungry or deprived.   In three months of working with Steph, I have achieved my goals and more.  (I think it definitely takes a minimum of three months to establish good habits and to understand the ups and downs).   

If I could summarize my experience in one word, it would be awareness.  This program gave me greater awareness on many levels.  By weighing and measuring, I gained an awareness of what portions look like.  I also was given a visual on balancing protein, fat and carbs in the right proportions.  In weighing myself everyday, I became aware of daily weight fluctuations, but more importantly, how good and bad decisions play into the fluctuations.  There was also a visual awareness where I could look in the mirror before I weighed myself and know whether I was up or down in weight.  By tracking my macros, I could see on paper where choosing one food over another determined my ability to get to the right macros each day.  As someone who regularly exercises, it also made me aware of how much more food I could consume on days when I do work out.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone, whatever your goals are.  I have gained a lot of knowledge that I will continue to use going forward.  Thank you Steph for such a great program.


I started working with Coach Steph and FitFlex Nutrition in January 2017.  I originally started the program because I wanted to lose about 7 pounds, reduce my body fat, and maintain a meal plan that allowed for flexible eating.  Within 3 months of working with FitFlex Nutrition, I hit every goal that I set for myself!  I have lost 7.7 pounds, 7.5 overall inches, and taken my body fat from 17.6% to 13.9%; all while eating the things I love.

Working with Steph has been amazing, and I can’t believe how great I look and feel.  Coach Steph has been there every step of the way, answering every question I had, and sometimes I had a lot.  She responded to my text messages and emails almost immediately, even when she was out of town!  She is always available to provide support, give tips, and help with recipes.

The software (Coachific) that FitFlex Nutrition clients use has been extremely helpful as well. It is very simple to use and makes communication easy.  Daily weigh-ins, weekly measurements and photos are a great way to track and see the progress I have made.  I am excited to continue my flexible dieting journey, and know that Steph will be there to support me along the way!

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I met Coach Stephanie and her husband at our gym. I always thought they looked pretty fit, but then one day I noticed they were super ripped.  I asked her about counting macros as I had seen her posting about it on Facebook and it was obviously working for them.  She told me FitFlex Nutrition could help me meet my fitness goals through macro nutrition online coaching and would create me a personal macro plan for optimum nutrition, muscle building, and weight loss.

I have always struggled with nutrition and I would typically starve myself to lose weight, but with this approach I lacked strength and energy to workout hard and noticed I would lose muscle mass. With Coach Stephanie’s guidance, I was able to eat more calories and many more carbohydrates than I was previously eating yet I was steadily losing a pound or more per week.  After 6 weeks, I lost 5.5 inches from my chest, waist, and hips and more than 6 pounds of pure fat –  and I gained muscle. This is the easiest meal plan I have ever followed because you can eat whatever you want so long as you stay within your daily macros.  Stephanie will make sure you stay on track following your personalized macros and will help you meet your fitness goals.  I highly recommend her and FitFlex Nutrition!!


 The FitFlex Nutrition program made a significant difference in my life. When it comes to nutritional programs there are loads of people that talk a good game, but Coach Steph helps you make it happen. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share her story widely.  As a long time fitness enthusiast I was skeptical to work with a consultant to optimize my results, but Coach Steph is highly respected and recommended by many others.

The program covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. There was obviously a lot of thought and expertise put into designing the it.

But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Steph and other participants.

This format gave me the confidence to implement the new program immediately, in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn “how” to but the “what” and “why” also became much more clear.

Coach Steph, thank you for the FitFlex nutritional program!  I am leaner, stronger and sleep better.  The difference is remarkable!!


I began working with Coach Stephanie in January 2017 with a goal of losing about 20 pounds and getting back to better eating habits. I am not always disciplined about getting consistent exercise and eating healthy. Over many years, I have done various different programs or “diets” to lose the weight I gained and I really needed something that would help me make a permanent lifestyle change.

With the flexible dieting program with FitFlex Nutrition, I learned to pay more attention to what I was eating and how much I was eating. At the beginning I was surprised to find out that things I thought were “healthy” really weren’t. And I learned that even if I wasn’t overeating, I was not eating the appropriate balance of foods.   Starting this program, I was surprised to see how much more fat, calories and carbohydrates the food I was eating contained.  I also learned that I did not eat enough protein which is really beneficial for your body. This program teaches you to eat the appropriate balance of food while including ALL of your favorite foods.

After 8 months, I have lost 25 pounds and 11 inches! I haven’t deprived myself of anything that I love; I just fit it into my daily macros. I now continually focus on eating a better combination of foods and not as much. During these past 8 months, I don’t feel like I have starved myself either. With the revised combination of food, you still feel full as you eat more balanced foods. I like the fact that it has taken a little more time than I have been used to with “diets” I’ve done in the past because I feel that this program teaches you to change your habits over time and not just for a “diet”.   And I like the fact that it is sustainable to maintain after I reach my goals since I am not dramatically cutting calories, taking pills or completely eliminating some foods from my diet.

Stephanie has been a great inspiration and resource and is always right by your side as you work through this journey giving you tips, helping you focus and being a great source of support if you have any challenges. I am so happy with my results!


Over the last 6 months Coach Steph and I worked together.  I came to get help with the nutritional component of my workout plan.   I started CrossFit about two months earlier but didn’t feel like I was getting the full benefit.  Steph helped me unlock the full potential by showing me how to fuel my body and eat correctly to lose weight and have more energy.

In 6 months, I have lost 20 lbs while consistently setting PRs on weightlifting and moving faster on all forms at the pullup station ( pull-ups, toes to bar, chest to bar).  At 54, I have more energy and stamina than I did 20 years ago.   3 days ago I Clean and Jerked 185 lbs.  If you do not have a CrossFit or Olympic lifting background,  this is a 192 lb man essentially lifting his own body weight from the ground to his chest, then overhead !!  Load up a wheel barrow and give it a try?

Most importantly, I learned how to view the food I eat as the fuel to achieve my goals. I  learned a process that will be with me the rest of my life.  Steph didn’t give me a fish, she showed me how to change my life one good food choice at a time.  The road to eating correctly was a tough one for me.  I learned many truths I held were wrong  – you may too.  It was great to have a knowledgeable guide, you will not do better than Coach Steph.



After seven months of flexible eating, I am down almost 20 pounds and umpteen inches. I have always worked out, but the nutrition piece was one part of the puzzle I couldn’t seem to grasp. After years of undereating (and weighing more!), I am finally eating properly to fuel my body, and the results—well, they speak for themselves. My approach to food has completely changed, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Coach Steph for helping me figure this out. For people just getting started: It seems difficult at first—impossible, even. Complicated. Confusing. But keep at it, and counting macros becomes like second nature. I am stronger and more energetic than ever before. This is now a way of life for me because I know I am getting the nutrients I need—and I can still enjoy life.


Stephanie is simply amazing! I had hit quite a plateau working on my own and I had set a specific goal to reach by my 40th birthday. As that date neared and my body composition remained the same, I reached out for the help and guidance I was needing. Stephanie was able to quickly identify some changes to my nutrition to help me with my goal. Within the first three months of working with FitFlex Nutrition, I was not only able to reach my goal, I surpassed it! Thank you!!


Coach Stephanie and FitFlex Nutrition made a significant impact in my life.

I started counting macros with somewhat vague goals early on—drop some weight, eat healthier. After two weeks, something clicked.  I realized, with Stephanie’s help, that I needed to be more specific—and it wasn’t all about the scale.

At 47, I wanted to sleep better. I wanted to eat smarter and not give up all the things I loved—but know how to make better (and often easy) choices to help my grown up mind and body feel stronger, better and look healthier too. I lacked confidence and knowledge on how to do that.  Learning some little things enabled me to feel like I could do this. Our weekly check ins – emails, conversations, and texts – helped me find a starting point and see results in the first month, so much so that I adjusted my goals around my lifestyle (a lot of business traveling and a lot of kid responsibilities) so I could stay with it.

So many people talk a good game in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle—but kind of leave you on an island once you get started. FitFlex Nutrition offered manageable steps, advice and consistent nuggets of encouragement so I could get my arms around it. Coach Steph is the real deal for the journey if you decide to take it.  I didn’t just learn how to do it-my why became much clearer—and, therefore, so did my try.

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