The FitFlex program has had such a big impact on me – it is hard to put into words.

Before I started working with Coach Steph, I was working out and trying to eat better but was not getting the results I wanted.  With FitFlex, I found a plan that didn’t just sound good in theory, but that worked for real life.

I have learned how to use the flexibility of the program to plan for many different situations and make better choices. I have found success with situations I struggled with previously – dinner with friends, business trips, and the Holidays. These once hard to navigate situations are now enjoyable, and I continue to make progress towards my goals. This program helped with big events as well  – I was shocked how often I snacked just because it was there. When I fell short or faced challenges, the support and encouragement from Coach Steph helped me learn from the situation, adjust my plan and stick with it.

The results have been amazing! I have lost 16 lbs and 18 inches, so far. I have lost more than 6 inches from my waist alone. I haven’t felt “Hangry” or deprived of the foods I love, and I’ve also had better results in the gym.

I recommend this this plan to everyone.