I have always worked out, but the nutrition piece was one part of the puzzle I couldn’t seem to grasp. After years of undereating (and weighing more!), I am finally eating properly to fuel my body, and the results—well, they speak for themselves. After nine months of flexible eating, I lost 34 pounds and umpteen inches. I surpassed the goals I set for myself, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

My approach to food has completely changed, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Steph for helping me figure this out. For people just getting started: It seems difficult at first—impossible, even. Complicated. Confusing. But keep at it, and counting macros becomes like second nature. I am stronger and more energetic at 54 than ever before. I also have more muscle definition than ever before, including abs.

This is now a way of life for me because I know I am getting the nutrients I need—and I can still enjoy life.