I started macro counting with Coach Steph at Fitflex Nutrition three months ago to lose a few pounds, lean out, and get back to better eating habits. At first, I was frustrated because I typically don’t put much time into planning meals or grocery shopping, and on top of that, I live a very social life (as in, I go out a lot!). Steph was great at giving me tools to overcome all of my obstacles. The frustrations proved to be great learning experiences.

Once I settled in to the program, it wasn’t hard at all and I almost never felt hungry or deprived. In three months of working with Steph, I have achieved my goals and more. I think it takes a minimum of three months to establish good habits and to understand normal ups and downs.

If I could summarize my experience in one word, it would be awareness. This program gave me greater awareness on many levels. By weighing and measuring, I gained an awareness of what portions look like. I also was given a visual on balancing protein, fat, and carbs in the right proportions.

In weighing myself everyday, I became aware of daily weight fluctuations, but more importantly, how good and bad decisions play into the fluctuations. There was also a visual awareness where I could look in the mirror before I weighed myself and know whether I was up or down in weight. By tracking my macros, I could see on paper where choosing one food over another determined my ability to get to the right macros each day. As someone who regularly exercises, it also made me aware of how much more food I could consume on days when I do work out.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone, whatever your goals are. I have gained a lot of knowledge that I will continue to use going forward. Thank you, Steph, for such a great program.