I met Coach Stephanie and her husband at our gym. I always thought they looked pretty fit, but then one day I noticed they were super ripped. I asked her about counting macros as I had seen her posting about it on Facebook, and it was obviously working for them. She told me FitFlex Nutrition could help me meet my fitness goals through macro nutrition online coaching and would create me a personal macro plan for optimum nutrition, muscle building, and weight loss.

I have always struggled with nutrition and I would typically starve myself to lose weight, but with this approach I lacked strength and energy to work out hard and noticed I would lose muscle mass. With Coach Stephanie’s guidance, I was able to eat more calories and many more carbohydrates than I was previously eating yet I was steadily losing a pound or more per week.

After 6 weeks, I lost 5.5 inches from my chest, waist, and hips and more than 6 pounds of pure fat. And I gained muscle. This is the easiest meal plan I have ever followed because you can eat whatever you want so long as you stay within your daily macros.

Stephanie will make sure you stay on track following your personalized macros and will help you meet your fitness goals. I highly recommend her and FitFlex Nutrition!!