I first met Coach Stephanie over two years ago when I joined our CrossFit box. When I met her and her husband, I thought to myself, I want to look like that! I was mostly eating a primal diet, but I was a decent weekend bar warrior. I didn’t know what counting macros meant, I just thought that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I busted my butt at the gym. When I found out Steph was doing macro coaching, and I saw her improvements, I was impressed. Here was a super fit, lean woman who found a way to get faster, leaner, and stronger.

I started in 2016 about a month before my thirty-sixth birthday, and it was extremely hard. Early on I learned that I was not eating enough protein and carbs, but that I was overeating my fat. Before I started, I was frustrated because my weight was steady at 175 to 180 pounds. The holidays came and went, and I struggled. Consistency is key, Steph would tell me, and I was consistently inconsistent. I had a big love affair with food, and it was something emotional for me, both with good stress and with bad stress.

At the start of the new year, I had my come-to-Jesus moment, and Stephanie laid on me yet another pearl of wisdom. My inconsistency was killing me, and I can’t out-work bad eating. I learned I needed to trust the process and focus on hitting my macros as well as my kitchen habits. This meant more prep work, conscious thought about the types of food I was eating, and learning to enjoy spending time in the kitchen because that’s where bodies are made.

When I turned this corner, the CrossFit Open was upon us, and I saw strength gains that I didn’t think I were imaginable. Spring 2017 brought a lot of strength gains at the gym, the ability to perform BAR MUSCLE UPS, and Steph reminding me of my progress. I lost 10 pounds, 10 inches, and roughly 4 percent body fat. I dropped to a pant size that I hadn’t worn since 2003, and it all happened in six months. Then May came around, and I hurt myself…

I truly got to see just how bodies are made in the kitchen during my recovery time. Steph helped me adjust so that I would still lose weight, even though I was working out less. The weight fell off fast, and I saw my lowest weight in over 20 years.

At this point, I had several goals: End the love affair with sugar, develop some healthy eating habits, lose weight and body fat, and instill this lifestyle with my kids.

I’ve accomplished them and more. Steph’s coaching helped me discover that there is a way to achieve these goals in a safe manner. This is far greater than that. This works, and the program will change your life. Oh, and you will have a better beach body than on any other program out there.

My body is strong and capable, something I’ve not felt since my early twenties, and in some instances, never. I am in the best shape of my life now, and I have learned a sustainable way to make this possible. I enjoy cooking more now than I did before, and it’s sparked me to be more creative in the kitchen. My kids enjoy the food I make. I can eat rice and whole grains without all the issues I thought I had with gluten and wheat. I can even enjoy the comfort foods in moderation, and my stress eating has greatly decreased.

Stephanie’s programming, tools, and resources have greatly helped me through this process. I highly recommend you consider FitFlex Nutrition for any nutrition- and performance-related goals. The most helpful part of this program has been Stephanie’s one-on-one focus with weekly check-ins, and the support group online. Stephanie is not only a coach, but she’s become a great friend through this process as well. Overall, she’s helped me see myself in ways I don’t or couldn’t before and helped me believe in myself throughout this process. This works for me, and I know it will for you.