Coach Stephanie and FitFlex Nutrition have made a significant impact in my life.

I started counting macros with somewhat vague goals early on—drop some weight, eat healthier. After two weeks, something clicked. I realized, with Stephanie’s help, that I needed to be more specific—and it wasn’t all about the scale.

At 47, I wanted to sleep better. I wanted to eat smarter and not give up all the things I loved—but know how to make better (and often easy) choices to help my grown-up mind and body feel stronger, better and look healthier too. I lacked confidence and knowledge on how to do that. Learning some little things enabled me to feel like I could do this. Our weekly check ins—emails, conversations, and texts— helped me find a starting point and see results in the first month, so much so that I adjusted my goals around my lifestyle (a lot of business traveling and a lot of kid responsibilities) so I could stay with it.

So many people talk a good game in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle—but kind of leave you on an island once you get started. FitFlex Nutrition offered manageable steps, advice, and consistent nuggets of encouragement so I could get my arms around it. Coach Steph is the real deal for the journey if you decide to take it. I didn’t just learn how to do it; my whybecame much clearer—and therefore, so did my try.

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