I started the flexible dieting lifestyle five months after I had my baby girl. To say I was anxious would be an understatement, but I was unhappy with my body as the changes that occur during pregnancy can take a toll on you. I gained almost 40 pounds during my pregnancy and was completely shocked at the number on the scale toward the end. All I knew was that I was determined to get my body back and would do anything!

You would not be alone if you are thinking that this lifestyle would be “too hard” or “too expensive.” Or maybe you think “I don’t have enough time,” but I will tell you that ANYONE can choose this lifestyle and make it work according to their life and what they have going on.

Oh yeah…did I also mention I started my journey studying to become a Fitness Nutrition Specialist? Talk about busy! But with Coach Stephanie’s support and encouragement, she made a plan and off I went!

Within a month I started seeing changes on the scale and also in the mirror. I also must add that I never sacrificed any of my favorite foods (French fries and pizza) but instead made proper substitutions. With this plan, Coach Stephanie provided me with food ideas so I could enjoy the foods I love while still hitting my macros every day. I am eating foods that keep me fuller longer while still satisfying my taste buds.

Not only has my sleep, mood, and “hangriness” improved, but my energy and strength at the gym is noticeably better! I am completing workouts I never thought I could. This year I did Murph (a well-known CrossFit hero workout), which would have never been possible six months ago. Every week I get stronger and faster because I am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs! This program is customized to my needs, and every week I receive one-on-one support and advice from Coach Stephanie.

Since I started FitFlex, I have lost all my baby weight (all 40 pounds of it) and an additional 15 pounds! On top of all that, I have lost 7.5 inches. This lifestyle is not about starving yourself or missing out on the foods you love, but rather finding success by improving habits and finding the proper balance of what you are eating every day.

I have not only found support from Coach Stephanie but also from the FitFlex community. This program has brought me knowledge, friendship, and a lifestyle that I would not trade for anything.