I initially started asking Steph questions about the FitFlex program because I heard several people at my gym talking about it. I also would workout with Steph occasionally and noticed how fit and strong she was. As someone who grew up playing sports, I’ve always thought about nutrition as fuel but realized that just like I go to an expert to cut my hair, I should probably get some advice from an expert on how I’m fueling my body :). My original goal was to build more muscle, strength, and tone.

I’ve not only achieved and continue to stretch my goals, I’ve gotten so much stronger and also picked up the tools to be successful when I’m traveling! I’m able to enjoy work, and fun trips so much more now that I have a proactive plan and the tools to achieve that plan. And more important than the 9 inches I’ve lost is the way that I feel in my clothes and the gym. I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, and that has a positive ripple effect on all aspects of my life (more energy, better sleep quality, etc.).

Working with Steph has been so easy, and also fun! I’ve learned a lot about nutrition, and it’s wonderful to have someone helping me think about and communicate my goals. It’s so easy to get comfortable or stagnant, and Steph is always asking me the right questions at just the right time. I can’t say enough positive things about the flexible lifestyle and her holistic approach to health and nutrition.