I started macro counting with FitFlex Nutrition about six months before my wedding which was in June 2017. I wanted to lean out, gain muscle, and have more confidence in my body.

I have been going to bootcamp and CrossFit for more than four years, and I have always been very active. I always thought I looked okay but never felt like I was getting the results I wanted even though I worked out five or six times a week and had a pretty healthy diet. I quickly learned I was not eating enough.

I decided to take the plunge to do macro counting and honestly, it has completely changed my life and body in such positive ways. I was able to see results so quickly and finally started seeing some great definition. I was also able to achieve a healthy weight and feel way more confident in my own skin. It has taught me what and how much to eat. The best part is that you can still live your life. If you stay focused and plan out your meals, you can achieve your goals.

I owe this program and Coach Steph so much! If it wasn’t for her and her knowledge, I would have never reached my goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to transform their body and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.