As trainers, one of the most important topics we discuss with clients is how they spend their remaining 23 hours of the day outside of our session. No matter how motivated and hard-working a person can be during a fitness session, we typically see clients 2-3 hours a week, which is nothing in comparison to the other 165 hours! At Tower Personal Training, we create a program for clients outside of our sessions which includes sleep goals, nutritional guidance, exercise “homework” and most importantly, daily movement goals.

While each element of this program is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, daily movement is especially important in helping our clients reach their cardiovascular, strength and weight loss goals. Sadly, the reality of most people’s normal day requires at least 8 hours of sitting. While this makes it more challenging to incorporate movement into your daily routine, we focus on simple ways to get moving more.

Staying Hydrated!

One of the simplest ways to make sure you keep moving throughout the day is to drink water around the clock. While a trip to the restroom might not seem like much, 6-8 trips a day add up. You can give yourself more of a challenge and pick a restroom on the other side of the office or even on a different floor to add in some stairs. Not only will staying hydrated help you move more, but it will also keep you from unwanted snacking and drinking calorie-dense beverages.

Sitting and Squatting Rule

A fun challenge we give our clients to do at work is the “sit & squat rule.” For this rule, clients must squat 10x before sitting down at a desk. This allows the glutes to stay active throughout the day and forces our posterior chain to stop being lazy and do a little work!

10 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 10 Minutes

When people think about getting in 30 minutes of daily exercise, the number can be overwhelming and seemingly unachievable. To make this goal manageable for our clients, we break it down into 3 different 10-minute segments. Pick 10 minutes, 3x a day to get out and walk. This can be on your snack break, lunch break, parking a quarter mile from work or the grocery store or taking the dog out for a couple of little walks. While it may not seem like much, this is an added 3.5 hours a week of activity!

Movement Trackers

We all love a challenge, right? Purchasing a movement tracker like a Fitbit or Apple watch can help you understand how much movement you are REALLY getting each day. Many people overestimate how active they are, and these devices give us the cold hard facts. It can be hard to stay committed to our long-term goals when they seem out of reach, but these trackers help us create smaller, more manageable goals we can achieve each day.

These are 4 easy solutions to incorporating more movement into your everyday life. Making these small changes might not seem like much but can add over 10 hours of activity into your week which is over 520 hours a year!

Thanks to Kimberly Tower from Tower Personal Training for writing this blog.