You probably already know that what you eat matters. Making nutritional changes to eat a complete and balanced diet is great for both weight loss and overall fitness.

But did you know that how you eat can be equally important?

In truth, learning to eat slowly and thoughtfully can be a big first step towards reaching your health goals. Check out our tips for a quick guide to getting started with mindful eating.

Keep Your Body In Mind

How long does it really take to feel full? Though we might be distracted by the sights and smells of our food, it usually takes our mind quite a while to catch up with our stomach – in fact, it can take up to 20 minutes for our body to send a signal of “full” to our brains.

The best advice? Eat slowly, hold off on a second helping and give your body a chance to do what it is designed for – digestion!

Limit Distractions

With the flurry of hectic schedules and commitments, it can be difficult to carve out a dedicated and consistent meal time. Even worse, the dreaded time-crunch can even force us to engage in other tasks like responding to emails or phone calls while we are eating.

The key here is to reserve time specifically for enjoying your meals. By eliminating distractions like cell phones and computers, you can fully engage with (and enjoy) the food in front of you. This way, your attention can be turned completely towards the taste of your food, eating slowly and gauging your level of “fullness.”

Quality Fuels

It might sound like a basic tip: eat good food.

While not every meal can be gourmet, eating high-quality, non-processed food can go a long way towards improving your eating prowess, not to mention being good for you. With healthy foods like lean protein, vegetables and minimally processed starches/grains, you will feel full and be satisfied longer – two critical steps to pave the way to more mindful eating.

Connect With Others

Meals are frequently shared with others. Why not make these connections count?

If you find yourself eating alongside a co-worker, with a friend, or at the family dinner table, it can be tremendously helpful to engage in conversation. By talking, listening, and responding to others, you will undoubtedly eat more slowly, savoring the flavor of both your food and companionship.

In this way, tablemates can be a positive distraction, forcing you to take breaths in between bites — ultimately leading to a longer meal and a quicker “full” signal. It’s a win-win!

Get Help From A Nutrition Expert

Making real changes to your diet, exercise, and overall fitness can be tough to do alone. The qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly coaches at FitFlex Nutrition are here to help! We will design a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and health needs. Contact FitFlex Nutrition today to start working with your personal nutrition coach!