Pick it Up: The Power Of Boot Camp Fitness

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From reality fitness shows to the social media profiles of celebrities, boot camp style fitness workouts are having a moment. Participants are seen grinding through tough workouts

Macro Tracking While Traveling

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Whether it’s for business or fun, tracking macros away from home can be a challenge. Many of our clients travel frequently and our goal is to equip

Tips for Staying on Track at Social Events

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Social situations, especially those involving alcohol, can be one of the biggest challenges when your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you say “no” to social

5 Reasons Why Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

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Everyone wants to know the secret to having an amazing body and a relationship to match. You’ve seen those couples; ones who look so deeply in love

GRIT and Nutrition

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This week we are fortunate to have Dr. Paul G. Stoltz , founder of PEAK Learning, give us insight on how we can use GRIT to reach

Grocery Shopping Strategies

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Trying to eat better and lose weight? A great place to start is your local grocery store.  What you buy and how you shop are the first

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